MIM Malila Coco Rice Milk Face & Body Butter (200g)


MiM Malila Coco Rice Milk Face and Body Butter are luxurious, rich, and creamy made with coconut oil, rice milk, and shea butter. The top anti-aging ingredients leave dry skin feeling silky and soft. You’ll find the sweet, refreshing scent of coconuts is perfect for your relaxation routine. Take time to pamper yourself and indulge your senses with this nourishing face and body butter.

With Value of Coconut Oil + Rice Extract + Milk Extract + Shea butter + Cacao Butter. A concentrated cream, Fully hydration, Non-greasy. With Anti Bacterial by Nano Silver.


Body butter skin-nourishing is best for dry skin, skin recovery, and maintaining healthy, strong, and radiance skin as always. With natural ingredients like coconut oil, rice extracts, milk, aloe vera, Shea butter, and vitamin B3, MiM Malila Coco Rice Milk Body Butter is packed with valuable organic components activating new skin cells and ultimate skin hydration, preventing skin aging and wrinkles.

Ensuring maximum protection with Nano Silver prohibiting germs infection and pollutions absorption.


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